Part 2- Basic Parts Description


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 **** (1/16/2017) I have changed two of my original part descriptions to make a more concise description of these parts.

The TOP SLIDE is now referred to as the X-Y Tool Holder or X-Y. It operates just like a common X-Y Table and holds what ever tool you are using.

The R-8 Tool is now called the R-8 Dividing Head. This is a more accurate description of what it does on the grinder.


The Deckel Model SO is the original grinder

that the Asian made machines are duplicating.


(Asian copy of the Deckel SO Grinder)


All these Grinders are pretty much the same.

The primary things to consider are, what accessories

are included and how much is the shipping cost.

Remember shipping, this tool is 110 LBS.


Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder (Ut&CG) All the accessories



Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder (Ut&CG) Main Part Identification


 Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder (Ut&CG) Machine Adjustments/Movements

 Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder (Ut&CG) Index Head Parts Identification


To see the tool working here are some links:

(Please let me know if any link are dead):





There are many more of these videos since

I began working on this article in 2014.



Terminology of parts Disclaimer:

Several names of the parts have been taken from the Deckel Catalog; to insure you the reader, will always know what part I am referring to. I have applied the identification of parts from other machines, catalogs and some I created for a clear description of the parts function, (eg. Top Slide Tool Holder).