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If you wear an apron in the shop you'll want to stay well clear of rotating machinery, especially lathes. The typical apron uses a "string" that goes around your neck. If, Zeus forbid, your apron gets tangled in the rotating work or the leadscrew it's going to pull your head down into a mess of spinning metal.

I solved this problem by severing the "string" and sewing it back together with a SINGLE STITCH of crappy sewing thread. I tested this arrangement by grasping the apron in the shop vise and sharply pulling my head back. The thread broke easily.

Later I did the same thing to the other "string" that goes around my waist.

It's a simple fix that could save you a lot of grief.

I forgot to mention...

If your apron has one of those swing-free pockets (know why they're made that way?) it's worth lashing it down while you've got your sewing gear out.

Marv Klotz